Recent News About GTA V Multiplayer May Shed Light On Previous Rumors

After Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto V was indeed in development, the internet was overflowing with rumors and speculation.  The first official trailer left us all wide-eyed and eager to have the game in hand but ultimately gave us little details about the title.  A few months ago, a forum post appeared that claimed to have inside knowledge about GTA V-knowledge supposedly originating from a former Rockstar employee who claimed his/her contract only imposed secrecy regarding future titles when he/she was employed by Rockstar.  Therefore, after being fired, the employee was legally allowed to divulge information about GTA V and apparently was eager to do so.  Again, all of this is second-hand information from a not-so-recent forum post-none of this information is official by any means.  The post included information about the protagonist, the game’s money system, vehicles, map size, customizable aspects, release date, wanted level information, and multiplayer features.  I heard about the post through youtube’s olli43.  Watch the video below.

As a fan of GTA, I found all of the information olli43 summarized very exciting.  But things got really interesting yesterday when Rockstar posted new information about Max Payne 3’s multiplayer.  Rockstar announced the ‘Crews’ feature for Max Payne 3 and added that this feature would carry over to GTA V.  The ‘Crews’ feature allows players to create groups of players that act as a ‘Crew’ and face challenges together.  Similar to Red Dead Redemption’s ‘Posse’ feature, ‘Crews’ will allow players to join other players online to cause havoc across the map.  What I find most interesting about this announcement is how the ‘Crews’ feature seems to confirm one aspect of the post that claimed to have inside information about GTA’s next title.  If this is the case, perhaps some of the other information from that post has bits of truth in it.  I must say, the wanted level revamp sounds amazing.  Riot shields and flashbangs?  Active searches for people matching your description for days after you lose your stars?  We can only wait and see.  As for the release date, the supposed leaker claimed a May 2013 date was in the works for GTA V.  Though, like most fans, I would love to play the game sooner rather than later, I can wait as long as Rockstar needs to make this game revolutionary.


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